Toms River Country Club Swim Lesson Program

  • Certified Staff
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Infant swim through pre-competitive
  • Weekend morning instruction available
  • Non-member lessons available



I can’t say enough wonderful things about TRCC swim team. Everyone involved, from the kids to the coaches, to the parents, is amazing. It feels like a family, and even though a lot of them don’t see each other all winter, they pick up right where they left off next season. It’s the only activity that all three of my kids, and now their younger cousin, can participate in. I love watching them all cheer for each other. My kids started out as the little ones watching and learning from the coaches and older swimmers. Now, I’m watching them mature into the ones who are positive role models for the new little swimmers. It’s bittersweet. But I’m so thankful for everyone involved in this program, that has had such a positive impact on my family. Go TRCC!
Ginny Rhine


Swim Meet July 16th