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The TRCC philosophy of golf instruction is that you should enjoy learning the game. That is why we offer a variety of packages that are informative, affordable and most of all enjoyable.

Individual programs can be ordered as needed or in packages. We also offer lessons in 30, 45 and 1 hour blocks.

Our Junior programs are designed for members aged 14 and younger. Lessons can be conducted in packages, groups and in varying time periods.

One of our more popular programs is the playing lesson program. One of our pros actually comes on the course and helps you with the finer points of your game, helping you with tricky lies, conditions, sand traps, etc.

Group lessons are also popular and very cost-effective. You can set up your own group or have our pros set one up for you.

New! Couples Golf School

Full Day or Up to Five Days. Available to Members and Non-Members
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